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John Bierbower – Head Golf Professional  /  Jerry Willer Merchandise Manager Phone: 712-366-1639

Pro shop Hours effective 6/01/2023:

Monday……………..7:00 – Dusk

Tuesday……………..7:00 – Dusk

Wednesday…………7:00 – Dusk

Thursday……………7:00 – Dusk

Friday……………….7:00 – Dusk

Saturday…………….7:00 – Dusk

Sunday……………….7:00 – Dusk

Range is OPEN Tuesday – Sunday – CLOSED Monday

The course is taking shape and the crew is working hard every day to give you the best playing experience possible.  We appreciate all of your patience and support.  Fathers Day Pro Shop special across the whole shop, watch for details.  Do not forget about your shop credit.  Call us and let us plan and be a part of your shopping needs. 

Upcoming Member events

    • May 18th – Callaway Demo
    • May 21st – May Golf Breakfast
    • June 11th – The Shootout
    • June 24th/25th – Member / Member Tournament
  • 2022 Member / Member Champions

    Congratulations to the team of Tom Devereaux & Damien Shull for winning this year’s 2 day event.  A Special Thank you to all that participated.

  • 2022 Invitational Champions

    Congratulations to Nick Gentile and his partner Jonathan Meyer for winning this year’s 2 day event.  A grueling day in the heat on Saturday, followed by a perfect Sunday with a break in the weather.  Thank you to the Grounds crew and the excellent meals and service provided by the Clubhouse staff.  A Special Thank you to all that participated.

  • 2022 Club Champions

    We crowned a new Champion this year.  Congratulations to Kyle Marcum coming from 4 down after Saturday’s round, for winning the club Championship.  Congratulations to Shirly Rochelle for holding on to the Womens Championship.  Our Senior Champion is also new this year, congratulations to Troy King.  Congratulations to everyone and a Special Thank you to all that participated.

2022 Senior Champion Troy King

  • 2022 Season Long Match Play

Bracket champions.

    • Bracket 1 – Kyle Casson
    • Bracket 2 – Matt Christensen
    • Bracket 3 – Byron Wilkinson
    • Bracket 4 – Mark Andrews
    • Congratulations to the Bracket Champions

Bracket Playoffs. 

    • Bracket 1 Casson vs 4 Andrews – Casson
    • Bracket 2 Christensen vs 3 Wilkinson – Wilkinson

2022 Match Play Championship. 

    • Bracket 1 Casson vs Bracket 3 Wilkinson – Wilkinson

Congratulations to Byron Wilkinson our 2022 Match Play Champion 

  •  2022 Pro Member

Congratulations to Golf Professional Justin Herron.  Justin was the top Pro in the 2 day event with a total of 132, followed by Sam Jonell with a 133.  The overall team this year, Brad Streeter, Les Schmitz, and Shirly Rochelle .  Congratulations and Thank you to everyone for playing and your support.  We specially thank all of the Sponsors this year for helping to make this one of the top events in the Omaha / Council Bluffs area.

  •  2022 CBCC Cup Matches – NE vs IA

A repeat to the 2020/2021 Cup Matches, the 2022 Cup Matches was another tight one as IA put on the crunch and took a lead after the first 18 holes, a team plan that NE could not match up against.  In the end after the singles matches NE prevailed and took home the trophy for the 8th time in the past 10 years.   Thank you to everyone that played and made it a great event.

2023 Major Member Event schedule is available.  Please check the club calendar to keep up with what is happening here at your club.  The full Member Major Event schedule is available for viewing as well, click here to see schedule.